National Planning Summit
National Planning Summit 2022 was a dedicated two day conference for the entire planning sector to share insights and develop cooperative strategies designed to deliver more sustainable places that meet both national and local standards. Local government authorities, town planners, developers, housing associations, architects, community groups and many more will be able to discover, share and learn best practises and emerging strategies to address the most relevant and pressing threats and opportunities facing the sector.
The conference covered:

Process and legislation: Changes to the NPPF, S106, the Infrastructure Levy and digitalisation of the planning process

Housing & Greenbelt: Avoiding appeals, housing delivery tests and a review of the Greenbelt

Climate change and sustainability: What role does planning have in delivering the climate change agenda? Including impacts of the environment Bill and target for Biodiversity +10%

Placemaking & Health: The renewal of town centres and the future of office working, as well as the role does planning plays in reducing health spending

Transport & Logistics: Planning for the continued expansion and reliance on logistics 

The drive to Net Zero: How can sustainability permeate strategy


17 - 18 May 2022


The Montcalm, Marble Arch, London

The National Planning Summit has been accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Outlining our commitment to quality content. 

Why was this conference important?

Central Government and local neighbourhoods alike were pressing for higher quality designed buildings, schemes that reflected the needs of communities and more sustainable place making. This pressure on the planning sector was compounded by the need to tackle the nation’s ongoing housing crisis and an increasing number of environmental issues and considerations affecting new developments.

Planners today must understand their role in helping deliver on the nation’s carbon neutral targets through a greater understanding of how technological and social trends will shape the future built environment. At the same time and in order to achieve this, there exists an opportunity for the sector to embrace technology and automation on a much wider scale in order optimise their operational, engagement and spatial planning activities. 



This event considered the strategic thought leadership driving planning, but also provided practical advice and strategies to real issues, with speakers from both the top of the industry and the coalface.


Interact with your peers and create new lasting connections in person. Attendees were provided with the opportunity to reconnect face to face with colleagues and industry contacts across the two days.

Dynamic Content

Our agenda had a range of information, covering the entire planning industry whether you are a developer, architect, consultant or local authority. Designed as a platform for all, this event provided solutions to challenges that are facing the industry right now.

Online Platform

Reflective of the ‘new normal’, this virtual conference was held digitally using our new online platform. The platform delivered all of the elements of a live event and more including; high level and strategic content, Q&A interaction and opportunities to network with fellow attendees and speakers.

Previous attendees


Rebecca Warren

Planning Director of Crest Nicholson

“A housing crisis and need to house our children – emotive and real issues facing us all. Holistic change is needed…we need to discuss pragmatic change – review, release and reuse, re-imposition and revitalise.”

Bev Hindle

Executive Director - Arc Oxford-Cambridge Leadership Groups

“Plan-led and infrastructure-led delivery of growth is key to enabling us to try and keep communities on side with delivering to meet our needs…we need to openly discuss [industry changes] in forums like the National Planning Summit where our priorities for infrastructure lie in the future – this will in turn significantly change what gets funded and how.”

Liz Hobden

head of Planning at Brighton & Hove City Council

“To deliver ambitious plans for housing and new development it is essential that we work with our politicians and citizens, as early as possible, to build understanding, consensus and ownership. To make progress we need to build trust and ensure we work together, in partnership.”