National Planning Summit

Flick Harris

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Flick Harris has been a member of Manchester Disabled People’s Access Group since 1988 and Chair since 1990. They carry out access audits, surveys, access appraisals, training for disabled people to National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) standards and for other organisations and for clients, produce publications, was co-editor for Design for Access 2 with Manchester City Council, run projects and campaign for better access in Greater Manchester, the North West and nationally. They carry out audits and surveys in a wide range of sectors covering buildings, the environment, transport, information and services. They work with many disabled people’s organisations and other organisations in the third sector, including Breakthrough UK and Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled people. Flick is also active in the Age Friendly Design Group in Greater Manchester and work closely with Transport for Greater Manchester.

Currently, she is Chair of the Built Environment workstream, part of the Manchester Disability Plan (soon to become the Manchester Disability and Inclusion Partnership) and a member of the Partnership Board and the Engagement Group, and a member of other groups, including the Highways Access Group in Manchester.

She is also an active member of the Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel, which is part of GMCA and reports to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester. During the last 15 months, she has also been active in a range of other groups and activities dealing with Covid related issues for disabled people.