National Planning Summit

Agenda 2022

The agenda will be announced shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for updates to come.

Agenda day 1

10:00am – 10:10am

Welcome from the Editor of Planning & Explanation of Features of the Platform

Richard Garlick, Editor, Planning Resource 

Process and Legislation 

10:15am – 11:20am:

Panel Discussion: Planning for the Future White Paper & Revisions to the NPPF: How are Planners Planning in Uncertain Times?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: John Walker, Director, CT Group
David Bainbridge, Director, Savills
Catriona Riddell, Director, Catriona Riddell & Associates Ltd
Bev Hindle, Executive Director, Ox Cam Arc Leadership Group
Steve Baughen, Head of Planning, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

11:25am – 11:50am:

 An Interview & Podcast Session: An Insight into The Planning Inspectorate’s Thinking & Experience

  • -Why does it take so long to examine some plans?
  • – Why are some plans facing problems? And what lesson can be learnt?
  • – What is the inspector’s role in helping LPAs get to a sound plan?
Confirmed speakers:
Jeremy Youle, Professional Lead for Local Plans, Planning Inspectorate

11:55am – 12:25pm

Insights Presentation: Is Engaging People Positively in the Planning System a hopeless aspiration?

Confirmed Speaker

Richard Wakeford, Chair, Winchcombe Town Council’s Planning Committee

Lunch & Screen Break  

Following Lunch there were two streams of content. All will be available for on-demand viewing so do not worry you won’t miss a thing. Choose a stream to watch and then watch the other session in your spare time.

2:00pm – 2:35pm 

International perspectives and opportunities for lesson exchange 

International Perspective: Envisioning the GCC Post Oil Paradigm Cities: Saudi 2030, Abu Dhabi 2030, Qatar 2030, Bahrain 2030 and Beyond

Confirmed speakers: 

Khaled Latif, EMEA Urban Planning and Land Development Leader, GHD

International Perspective: Zero Carbon City: The Workable Implementation for Smart Built Environment in the Middle East

Confirmed Speakers:

Dastin Hillery, Former Senior Urban Planning Consultant, Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar and Former Principal, Atelier Urbanus



2:40pm – 3:10pm: Lesson Learning Workshop

Local Plans & NPPF: How can Local Authorities Avoid Appeals?

Case studies and lessons learnt from where local authorities have been challenged?

Confirmed Speakers: 

Steve Collins, Chief Executive, RentPlus
Jamie Roberts MPlan MRTPI, Principal Planner Tetlow King

Design Code: Building Better, Building Beautiful

  • – Is there enough flexibility to allow for originality and community reflection?
  • – What is good design?
  • – Traditional architects vs. more modernist architects
  • – Resourcing to implement the design code
  • – The threats and opportunities of modal design
Confirmed speakers: 
Hugh Petter, Director, ADAM Architecture
Gergana Draganova, Urban Designer, BDP
Sowmya Parthasarathy, Director of Urban Design, Arup
Jane Dann, Director, Tibbalds

3:15pm – 4:00pm: Panel Discussion

Housing Delivery Tests: How do you score when the goal posts keep moving?

  • – 6-12 month impact of the changes to targets 
  • – Is tilted balance still working?
  • – Impact of the Future homes standard 
  • – How can authorities increase housing delivery to meet the Housing Delivery Test when the construction of consented developments is in most cases led by the market and outside of the control of the planning process?
  • – Distribution of Housing Allocation
  • – Uncertainty and implications after 3 changes in 6 months

Confirmed speaker: 

Jim Bailey, Director, Pegasus Group
Roland Brass, Partner,  Knight Frank

Presentation: The Renaissance of Britain’s Cities

Tom will talk about the story of Urban Splash. Of how from a standing start Urban Splash has created over £1 billion worth of regeneration developments across UK regions. In cities from Manchester in the North West to Plymouth in the South West. From Bristol in the South to Smith’s Dock in the North East. Restoring historic structures like Royal William Naval Yard in Plymouth, Birmingham’s Fort Dunlop, Georgian churches and Victorian schools in Liverpool, vacant department stores and warehouses in Manchester, the Art Deco Midland Hotel in Morecambe…. to 60’s concrete towers and social housing estates like The Cardroom in Manchester or Park Hill in Sheffield.
Confirmed speaker: 
Tom Bloxham, Chairman, Urban Splash

4:00pm – 4:40pm

Panel Discussion: Housing Prices and Affordability – A Bubble Waiting to Pop?

  • – Gap between prices and income: how is the next generation of home buyers going to be able to buy?
  • – Building beautifully but also economically: how can design and planning collaborate to build beautiful and affordable? 

Confirmed Speaker: 

Steve Collins, Chief Executive, RentPlus
Mary Parsons, Regeneration and Partnerships Director, Lovell
Stuart Baille, Head of Planning, Knight Frank


Close of of Day 1

Agenda day 2

9:50am – 10:00am:

Insights Presentation: The Stats & Facts Behind the Climate Change Agenda  

Confirmed Speaker: 

Penelope Tollitt, Director, Making Places Together

10:00am – 10:40am:

Panel Discussion: What role does planning have to play in delivering the climate change agenda?

  • – Lessons learnt from the code for Sustainable Homes 
  • – What is the impact of 300 councils now declaring a climate emergency and the Climate Change Committee report?
  • – How can you create zero carbon buildings? How do you ensure a carbon zero lifestyle follows?
  • – What are you doing to ensure future homes are resilient to climate threats? 
  • – What more can be done to prepare future homes for climate threats? Particularly heavy downpours and rising sea levels?

Confirmed Speaker: 

Andy Haigh, Director of Climate Positive Solutions, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland
Penelope Tollitt, Director, Making Places Together
Katherine Grieg, Senior Transition Specialist, Flood Re

10:45am – 11:15am

An Interview & Podcast Session: Circular Economy Buildings: Risk and Dealing with Widespread Reuse

Confirmed Speaker:
Steve Gilchrist, Project Director, Grosvenor Britain and Ireland’s Development Team
Mark Edwards, Technical Director – Climate Change & Sustainability, Arcadis
Roy Fishwick, Managing Director, Cleveland Steel and Tubes
Julie Alexander, Director of Technology, Innovation and Environmental Sustainability, Places for People

11:20am – 11:35am:

Case Study: How is the +10% Biodiversity Approach Working in Practice?

Confirmed Speaker:

Sasha White QC, Head of Planning Group, Landmark Chambers

11:35am – 12:00pm:

Ask the Experts: Environment Bill and Biodiversity +10%: From Targets to Implementation and Delivery

Confirmed Speaker:
Helen Nyul, Group Head of Biodiversity, Barratt Development Plc
Emily Norton, Director, Rural Research, Savills
Joe Heath, Development Manager, The Land Trust

12:05pm – 12:40pm:

Panel Discussion: The Changing Use and Function of the Street, Low traffic zones & Neighbourhoods

  • – The push towards encouraging cycling and walking 
  • – Outdoor eating spots
  • – Changes to the class use order and their impact on the changing use of the street
  • – Local authorities liability for air quality 
  • – EVs and charging points
Confirmed Speaker:
Phil Jones, Chairman, PJA Group & Contributor, Manual for the Streets 3.0
Peter Geraghty, Executive Director, Hertsmere Borough Council
Katja Stille, Director, Tibbalds &President, Urban Design Council

Lunch & Screen Break  

Following Lunch there were two streams of content. All will be available for on-demand viewing so do not worry you won’t miss a thing. Choose a stream to watch and then watch the other session in your spare time.

2:00pm – 2:35pm

Case Study on the Canada Water Masterplan British Land & Southwark Council

How Partnership & Collaboration to bring about major developments

Confirmed speaker: 

Miles Price, Planning Director, British Land

Collaboration Between Energy Innovators & Councils

Confirmed speaker: 
Barry Thompson, CEO & Founder, Alpha 311

Placemaking & Health

Transport & Logistics

2:40pm – 3:10pm: Presentations

Making Places Accessible & Inclusive

Confirmed speaker: 

Flick Harris, Chair, Manchester Disabled People’s Access Group

Unlocking the Intersection between Transport Planning and Planning for Housing

  • – 2030 ban on internal combustion engines so how can the planning sector support this?
  • – Network Planning and grid infrastructure for Electric vehicles 
  • – What lessons can be learnt from HS2?


Confirmed speaker:

Steve Taylor, Head of Planning, Network Rail

3:15pm – 3:45pm: Quick Fire Presentations

OxCam Arc Spatial Framework Case Study

Bev Hindle, Executive Director of the Arc Leadership Group, will update on the progress being made on the Spatial Framework, on delivering the Economic Prospectus and how this regional scale collaboration can help fill the void left in national planning policy on long term, large scale strategic planning. Bev will also discuss the priority Government and local partners are giving to developing the “Green Arc” whereby particular focus is being given to embed sustainability, innovation and meeting our carbon zero ambitions across all of our shared workstreams and strategy development.
Confirmed Speaker  
Bev Hindle, Executive Director, Ox Cam Arc Leadership Group

EV Charging Points

  • How can local authorities and developers work together to deliver more EV charging points for a net-zero electrified future?

  • Including a look at case studies including the Wichelstowe project and others.

Confirmed speaker: 

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO, Connected Kerb

3:50pm – 4:25pm: Panel Discussions

Regeneration & Renewal of Town Centres & Future of Office Working

  • – Do we need a city of London?
  • – Sustainability and the workplace 
  • – Post Pandemic Redesign – Small corridors, open spaces and good ventilation

Confirmed speakers: 

Nick MacLiammoir, Lighting Expert, Arup
Steve Baughen, Head of Planning, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Planning for the Continued Expansion and Reliance on Logistics

  • – Special industrial locations – what should be prioritised for housing and what should be prioritised for logistics and supply chain?
  • – Expansion of the logistics industry during and post-covid-19. Will that reduce or will it remain and if so how do we plan for it?
  • – Should there be bases closer to city centres?

Confirmed speakers: 

Robin Woodbridge, Head of UK Capital Deployment, Prologis
John Walker, Director, CT Group

4:30pm – 5:00pm

Panel Discussion: Creating Sustainable Places for Communities

  • – Planning for experiential elements in developments 
  • – What tools can the government put in place to support more sustainable places?
  • – Can the development market operate effectively and deliver the type of development that society needs and that will be supported?

Confirmed Speaker:

Richard Morris, Lighting Expert, Arup
Cllr. Prof. Samer Bagaeen, Councillor,  Brighton & Hove City Council


Close of Day 2 and Conference